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What Could Impact Your Reputation?

Personal Blogs
Sometimes, people will treat their personal blog as though it were a diary. They know that only a handful of people (maybe close friends and family) will sign on and read it. So they will express everything that is on their mind, even if that information is harmful to you. But that information can be retrieved by future potential employers or anybody who needs to assess your reputation. The things that people say about you in their personal blog will directly and powerfully impact your reputation.

Similarly, sometimes people will express themselves using YouTube or other platforms that allow one to publish videos onto the Internet. If an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend were to do that, what would this individual have to say about you? Further, how do you know that they have not done that? If they have, this will impact your overall reputation. Potential mates will see those videos and think that you are probably not the sort of person with which they would like to get involved.

Things You Have Posted
If you have your own personal blog or social media accounts (as most of the modern world does), then you have probably posted things on the Internet that will impact your reputation, whether you knew it at the time or not. If your social media accounts or personal blogs are littered with curse words and offensive remarks, people are going to have a very negative opinion of you. Similarly, if you write posts that demonstrate your character, sense of humor, and charisma, then people will have a positive perception of you.

Sometimes we see people on the Internet who share information that is helpful. Everything that they post is positive and friendly. They are often pictured laughing, with their friends, enjoying their hobbies, hard at work and talking about how much they love their employer and love their lives. These are the people who have a good reputation based on what they say on the Internet. People regard them very highly and think a lot of them. Things that we post on the Internet very much impact our reputation (for better or for worse).

Search Engines
When people want to do research about you, the first resource that they are going to turn to is the search engine. They will type your name into Google or Yahoo. Perhaps they will include words such as “nice” or “mean” to see what comes up. If somebody were to type your name into Google, what would they find? Many of us do not have too many articles with our name in it throughout the Internet. If there is just one or two, that is going to be what the search engine yields. Anything that anybody has published about you in the past will define your reputation.