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How Reputation Management Has Changed

The Internet Was Not Always A Factor

The Internet is quite powerful. If you were to win an award or accomplish something pertaining to your industry or your reputation, you would hope that there are people there to see so that they will post about it online. With the advent of the Internet, your reputation persists throughout the years. One positive remark on a blogpost can boost your chances of landing that job. One negative remark can do the opposite. Today, reputation management firms are about controlling content, and ensuring that only the material that highlights your best features will prevail.

People Would Forget

It used to be that if you have a poor mark on your reputation, it was something that would die down in a few weeks (or even sooner). Even in high school, where gossip and reputations were everything, smear attempts would fade into the background, quickly and quietly forgotten. A reputation could be managed by merely waiting a little while. Today, reputation management is different. Content does not go away unless some action is taken.

Your Reputation Follows You

Imagine that years ago, you took a few foolish pictures of yourself with your friends out at a party, engaging in behavior that you regret. Since you have grown more mature, you have removed those pictures from the Internet. But your friends still have them up. Beyond that, other people have saved them to their computer and posted them on their blog. This means that a mistake that you made a few years ago is following you throughout the course of your life. This is an aspect of reputation management that has not been present before the rise of the Internet.

Boosting Your Reputation

You might think that there is nothing that can be done. Those old pictures are out there. Your ex has already published this content on the Internet, and nothing can be done about that. Your reputation has been tarnished, and it is beyond repair. That is not necessarily the case. There is actually a lot that you can do to boost your reputation. A lot of it involves branding yourself, drowning out that old material that has impacted your reputation, and taking measures to have it removed.

Better Reputations: A Real Solution

Better Reputations is a company who specializes in improving an individual’s reputation. They can identify anything on the Internet that will harm or improve your reputation, and take the necessary steps to restore or enhance the perception that the Internet has of you. Further, they will offer a free assessment of where you stand now and what sort of action needs to be taken. If there is something that is on the Internet about you, they will be able to identify it and let you know. Better Reputations is ideal for branding yourself for entrepreneurship or simply erasing a few negative remarks about yourself.

You should not underestimate the power of your reputation. Do not recite the mantra that it does not matter what people think. While that may be true in some circumstances, it is not true in all of them. What people think of you will affect everything that you do. If people think that you are competent, they will give you a good job. People go to college and establish credentials so that people will think highly of them. When a man is standing in the court of law, he wants the jury to think that he is innocent. When an entrepreneur is selling a product, he wants his customers to think that he is a reputable individual. When going on a date, you want your partner to think that you are charismatic. Your reputation matters vitally.